Castable Fish Finders: ibobber vs. Deeper

Deeper and iBobber are the leading manufacturers of castable fish finders. They are essentially mini sonar units that will provide you the ability to locate large elusive fish. They are very easy to use, just attach them to the rod, throw it into the water then check the information on your tablets or smartphone.  So which is better, iBobber vs Deeper? This article will give you an overview of advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

Fishing is a relaxing activity that you can enjoy the serenity and breeze of the surroundings while being outdoors and waiting to catch something. But when you do not catch any fish, it will get discouraging. That is why inventors have made fish finders to help anglers, but portable castable fish finders still are rarely used in this market with limited products.

The depth sonar sensors send the data to your tablet or smartphone (usually Android or iOS devices), providing information about the fish population, contours, water depth and more.

This table will give you an overview of iBobber and Deeper finders.

iBobber Deeper
Diameter (cm) 5.9 6.5
Battery Life (hour) 10 5.5
Depth (m) 41 80
Wireless Technology Bluetooth Wi-Fi
Range (m) 30 100
Mapping Structure and waterbed contour Detailed data about underwater vegetation, water temperature, depth, bottom contour, fish location, underwater structure
GPS Spot tagging Bathymetric mapping
Log Entry Trip Log (species, number, lure, type of fish, conditions, water temp, location, time, date) Every catch and every spot, Fish location, temperature, structure, depth
Compatible devices iOS, Android, Google Watch, iWatch Android and iOS tablets or smartphones
Sonar Beam 42° angel wide beam (118 kHz) 55° angel wide beam (90 kHz) or 15° angel narrow beam (290 KHz)
Scanning Murky and Clear Water No sensitivity setting
  • Clearwater: full sensitivity
  • Murky water: reduce sensitivity value to cut the particle clutter out to see only structure and fish
Weight (g) 47 100

Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ Fish Finder

Anglers who use them often find fish, holes and decent log they often ignore. The complementary free app allows you to see underwater contours. You also need it to adjust the settings, it is free and has a lot of features.

You can use it to go fishing at night. It is recommended to use green led lights to attract fish.


  • More advanced mapping than iBobber
  • Multiple options
  • Easy documentation


  • Limited exporting
  • Expensive
  • App lock

Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+: Specifications and Product Features

The package includes two line M5 bolts, carry pouch, micro USB charge cable. The bolts help you attach the line to the spot for casting or trolling, having the same size as GoPro bolts.

The Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ specifications:

  • Connection range to 100m or 330 ft
  • Up to 16 scans/second.
  • Underwater objects separation up to 1.3 cm.
  • Can sensor the depth of 80 m.
  • Contour mapping.
  • Up to 5 or 6 hours runtime.
  • Attaching mounting poles, bolts or eyelets using the M5 screw.
  • Firmware is updatable.

What we like about these finders

  • No more guessing
  • Convenient

Deeper Accessories

These accessories could bring you more out of the fish finders you already own:

  • Flexible Arm Mounting
  • Night Cover
  • Smartphone mounts

How to Use Deeper Fish Finders

  • Set up
  • Make sure that the covers are closed tightly, meaning arrows on the base and the cover point to each other.
  • Attach the fishing line with your sonar.
  • Throw you line into the water.
  • Connect your smartphone to your sonar once it is submerged. Your finder is automatically turned on if it is on the water.


  • Find and install the companion app on the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android).
  • Open the Wi-Fi setting interface and connect the sonar to your smartphone.
  • Open the app. You will start seeing the readings if your connection with the finder is successful.

Common Concerns

You do not need the cellular connection to communicate with your sonar.

The finders use Wi-Fi as its communication technology to send signals to your smartphone. Wi-Fi waves are stronger and give more information for better result and smoother experience than Bluetooth technology.

GPS Accuracy

The Deeper Sonar Finders have L1 GPS receiver with a 3-meter accuracy which is normal among fishfinder GPS receivers.

Sonar Reeling

It is recommended to reel the sonar finder in at a slow, consistent pace to have an accurate reading. When you reel them fast they may miss the bottom objects so the sonar finder will work unstably in the water. Attach to the mounting point the eyelet so that your sonars point straight down. The deeper finders have better attachment points than iBobber’s.

iBobber Bluetooth Fish Finder

The iBobber fish finders are built with remarkable technologies too. The main difference between them and the Deeper finders is that they use Bluetooth instead of Wi-Fi as communication technology, allowing them to be used until 10 hours each time.

The only limitation is that you could only use it to sense the range of 30 m, but this is often alright.

The iBobber finders are sold at a reasonable price. They lack some interesting features but are way cheaper than the Deeper finders. If floor structure, fish, temperature, depth are all required then they will serve you just right.

The display graphics are basic compared to the Deeper’s. But the advantage comes with it is that the battery lasts twice as that of Deeper finders.

The app works on iOS and Android tablets and smartphones. Make sure that you have read the manual carefully. There are some tips and guides that could help you use your finder with the best result.

iBobber vs. Deeper – The Conclusion

Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ finders are very useful for both seasoned fishermen and beginning. You could get this portable finder to work with different situations while being paired with the Deeper app. Your kids may find it interesting looking at underwater and fish structures, at the changing picture. Hobbyists could them as their guide for their fishing trips.

Although the iBobber works well, it lacks many features that you could miss. So, iBobber vs. Deeper, which is the better wireless fish finder? It surely is the Deeper one. It will give you more options and settings to bring a more comprehensive picture of where you are fishing.

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