Golf Tee Colors – Do not Miss out these on Your Performance!

In each green golf course, you probably hear the golf tee colors from other experienced golfers or other players. Do you know what the golf tee colors are? And why should you need to draw attention to this in your performance? Here is your answer…

Golf tee colors are simply used to show the distance between the tee and the hole. There are some popular best golf tees among courses, but each course has different tee color and it may use extra colors. The tee colors are one of the most important parts of the handicapping culture in a golf game. This also divides many levels among players.

Some popular colors you should know in advance

3 main tee colors in the green course

If you take time to pay attention to a golf game, you will see that common tee colors are white, blue, and red.

Red tee colors are also mentioned to as ladies tees and these are closet to the hole. So, these are easy to challenge for new players. They are typically used by female players or for those who cannot control the ball more than 150 yards.

White tees are used by other average golfers and these are also used for people unable to handle the ball between 200 and 250 yards. While blue ones are the farthest from the hole and these are preferred for advanced golfers. If you have an exceptional driving range, go for the blue colors.


Additional colors

Apart from the 3 certain golf tee colors, the golf course also has other colors such as the green, the gold, the black, and the silver.

Green tee colors are rare and these are put on courses to teach new golfers only. The black ones have appeared in some special events like club championships, professional tournaments, etc. How about the gold colors? Gold ones are the farthest and players use these for all championship performance only. The last one is the silver for senior ladies to play.

An overview of the handicap culture

You should know the handicap culture in the golf course. This is one of the specific factors of a golf game. The handicapping system provides golfers stroke benefits based on their average results compared to a par score in a course.

What is a purpose of a handicapping system? It supports all golfers to play against another player and themselves. It does not matter they have different skills and playing levels. He does not need to beat another golfer as he can try to decrease his handicap only.

The diverse use of different tee colors is an addition to this purpose and it has undertaken golf more reachable and more enjoyable.

After all, recognizing all golf tee colors will help you understand more about a golf game (if you are a novice player). Your coach probably explains to you in the first or second teaching time, but some players still…forget! And it is fine to review these colors again.

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