Review of the Garmin Echo 551DV Before Starting Your Trip

Garmin Echo 551DV

In general, Garmin has lots of product lines that most of the fishermen should take a few minutes to view how well it has. And the Garmin Echo 551DV is one of the greatest products that I want to show you in this article.

A quick glance at the outstanding features

If you do not enough time to view the whole parts of the Garmin Echo 551DV, you could scan its key features. Then, you can take a final decision at all.

  •    Exact photographic sonar view of the fish and the view below the boat
  •    Have a DownVu transducer
  •   Feature a large 5-inch VGA colorful screen category with the 480×640 pixels screen resolution
  •    500W RMS 4000W transmit power
  •    Trolling motor transducer category
  •    Maximum depth up to 2,300 ft and 77 kHz freshwater
  •    Sonar rewind function included

More details…


With a fish finder, many of us wish to have a large display with a simple platform in order to use the device easily. In the Garmin Echo 551DV, it features a VGA color screen with 480×640 resolution.

In fact, the screen has only 5 inches, but it still gets enough space on the front panel. The machine, on the one hand, is smaller for you to control it smoothly. On the other hand, thanks to Smooth Transition Technology, you can read the feeds easier without making any mess.

It is truly helpful for hunting fishes from shallow water surfaces to deep lakes as well. You ought to recognize further details promptly. Furthermore, you are able to interpret your readings on the screen zoom to have a better view and so on.

Sonar system

The sonar system makes the fish finder is different from others. It includes a transducer that helps the Dual Beam Sonar and the Down™ is greater.

The sensor of the tool needs 500 Wattages of power to run. It means that all signals probably reach deeper underwater. It is much clearer like arches works on the underwater surface.


It features a powerful 77/200kHz dual beam. This is the most important points to make the transducer is excellent.

You will see the HD quality graphics which you will observe things under your vessel. Furthermore, the sonar offers a cone viewing angle along with a large image overview which draws out far beyond to get more fishes.

In general, you enable to analyze dual sonar and get fabulous details under the water surface. Due to the 500 wattages in the power, it probably increases up to 2300 feet (in depth).

DownVü® technology

The standard feature of this product is using DownVu Technology. The fish finder has higher rate frequency, so you ought to gain useful information which happens in the picture below your boat.

This technology runs by delivering special kind of sonar signals in a cone angle direction with a clear image.

Smooth driving

This product has another great technology that someone will miss out. It is called scaling technology. It can solve many serious issues which fishermen can modify a bad situation to a good one.

What if the Garmin Echo 551DV does not have the smooth scaling technology? The distances are not clear on the screen; especially when the depth has randomly changed. It means that you will be more stressful in this game!

Automatic gains technology

Sometimes, you will get stuck when you do not know what happens below. You may not know fishes and trashes because it has a big chaos right there.

Do not surprise that you will hunt debris and other rubbish than fishes at the end of the day! I am pretty sure that experienced anglers totally know this point and this is the reason why they have to use a modern tool like the Garmin Echo 551DV.

Sonar recording

You will do your best when you learn previous lessons from yours and other people. You know you do not have generous time to make mistake and repair it under any circumstance.

In the fishing stuff, view lessons are extremely important for both novices and gurus as well. With the Garmin Echo 551DV, it allows you doing that by opening the fishes sound and other fishing sessions. The best teachers of yours are your faults!

Good points that you will receive when using the Garmin Echo 551DV

  •    The product has the DownVu™ transducer technology and Dual Beam Sonar.
  •    You will have a great picture of the sonar readings.
  •    It is so easy to assemble the product.
  •   It also has a waterproof cover (IXP7) to bear the saltwater or other harsh weather conditions.
  •    You enable to observe the sonar on horizontal side and a vertical one on the screen.
  •    It has a waterproof layer so that you do not concern about humidity level of the weather.
  •    You now can know the exact temperature underwater to estimate the current condition.
  •    Thanks to a fish alarm system, you can stay focus on the right targets.
  •    You can see high-depth areas smoothly.

Some weak points you should also know

  •    The product does not have GPS function and chart-plotting feature.
  •    The screen is quite big for those who have small hands.

What is A-Scope?

A-Scope is simply a part on the right side of the fish locator. It helps the device gets more sonar databases and you can see it easier.  Aside from A-Scope, the product also has Ice Flasher for those who want to try ice-fishing type in one day. It is pretty cool to get experience!


It tends to be great that the manufacturer adds lots of robust features to help you and other fishermen catch more fishes on the bucket.

Moreover, you will improve your performance and long-lasting device at all. And the technology generation is also pretty cool.

The price is also affordable for everyone to make a small hole in their financial ability. The Garmin Echo 551DV is truly a wonderful investment that you should not miss out on this season. Wear your shoes now!


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