Autumn Hunting Recommendations

Autumn means bullets, bows, and orange for many people. These are some recommendations for safety while hunting, for both experienced or nonhunters.

Clear skies, crisp mornings, bright colors, autumn is a wonderful time to enjoy being outside. It is also the perfect time for going hunting. We set up a meeting with Roger Phillips, the spokesman of Department of Fish and Game in Idaho State to get his recommendations for enjoying the open spaces in a safe way during fall hunting season.

Non Hunters

You will not be supposed to fear much while wandering in the jungle during the hunting seasons. Most experienced hunters are really cautious. During hunting trips, shooting accidents are usually rare as there is a thing call safety requirements for hunters.

We had a hard time finding the statistics number at the national level because most of the time the state agencies handle the accidents. Shooting accidents related to hunting are usually self-inflicted and caused by wrong handling of guns around other companions of the hunting party.

The hunters have the responsibility to handle the firearms and shots extremely safely. There are some rules you can follow to share the area with other hunters safely.


Blaze Orange

It is not the natural shade and prominently distinguishes in the jungle. Hunters usually wear it to recognize themselves from the others so they can identify you quickly. Blaze pink is also required in some states. But generally, any clothing with bright color will do. Just avoid the clothing with black, brown, grey, white and other colors. They might look similar and resemble the game.

The Season

Every hunting season has a specific beginning date. Consult the regulations of your state for more information about hunting sessions timing in the area. The hunting sessions in each state are published by the Fish and Wildlife Service.


Almost all land under the management of Bureau of Land Management or National Forest is open to the public for hunting. Many national parks or cities forbid it. Please check your own area regulations and rules to see whether it is legal to go hunting there.


Hunters usually stay late and get up early. Go hunting in the middle of the day decrease the chances of meeting other hunters and it also makes the hunters look more visible in the woods than when you go hunting during low light times like dusk or dawn. It also decreases the probability that you will spoil the hunt by frightening the animals when they move out during the dusk period.


You do not need to yell out loud like when you are facing a bear, but the outdoors conversation can tell other hunters that there are people near them and be careful. The voice of human moves remarkably out in the jungle.

We have heard other hunters talking many yards away when sitting quietly during the rests. Most of the time the hunters will that there are people there and they are hunters also although they might never meet each other.

The Dog

There are hunters have to dog and bring them to the hunting. But it is dangerous to lead them into known hunting area with a coyote- or wolf-like canine. As a result, you would want to make them suited in safely orange or leashed. A hanky with bright color attached to the collar would tell other hunters that your dog is not a game and not to shoot them.

Be Respectful

When you see other hunters, just be quiet and not disrupt their hunts. We all enjoy the land because of different reasons.

If you are not comfortable knowing you are in a hunting area, look for lands where they do not permit hunting.



Get a certification if you do not have one already. It is usually legally required to be certified by the hunting safety program of your state. Underage people will most likely be prohibited to go hunting in most states. You can always take an online course.

Essentials Rules

Follow the following protocols:

  • Check weather predictions. Autumn weather could be finicky.
  • Leave the itinerary at home. People will know where you go and when they can expect you to go back.
  • Bring enough water and food. You will be out in the woods many hours.
  • Carry first aid equipment, compass and map.
  • Carry dry clothes.

Gun Safety Recommendations

  • Always treat the guns like they were loaded.
  • Point muzzle at a direction safely.
  • Know the target and things beyond it.
  • Until the shot keeps the finger out of the trigger.
  • Check the barrel for any obstructions and only use checked ammunition.
  • Do not point the guns at things you don’t want to shoot.
  • Unload the guns when you don’t use them.
  • Do not climb, jump or run with the loaded guns.
  • Do not drink alcohol prior to hunting.
  • Store ammunition and guns safely and separately.

Autumn is always a wonderful season to be outside. Those basic recommendations will have you enjoy the meadows, mountains, and forests safely.

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