Month: May 2018

Rangefinder Modes and Their Benefits

When you are in a golf course, you will only need one thing from your rangefinder that matters – the distance from your position to the golf hole.

But expensive and cheap rangefinders have different methods to measure that range for you. And with many target modes and features that are available at your fingers, how are you supposed to know which one to choose and which one to ignore?

This article will guide you into the decision of making the most out of your rangefinders, choose the right target modes and help with your game.


Autumn Hunting Recommendations

Autumn means bullets, bows, and orange for many people. These are some recommendations for safety while hunting, for both experienced or nonhunters.

Clear skies, crisp mornings, bright colors, autumn is a wonderful time to enjoy being outside. It is also the perfect time for going hunting. We set up a meeting with Roger Phillips, the spokesman of Department of Fish and Game in Idaho State to get his recommendations for enjoying the open spaces in a safe way during fall hunting season.


Popular Castable and Portable Fish Finder

The market of small boats now is flooded with tiny paddleboards, kayaks, tiny skiffs assisted by the active development of tablet and smartphone applications. Additionally, there are also awesome marine electronics devices available. In recent months, there has been a strong growth in deeper smart portable fish finder that can transmit key information into devices like Androids or iPhones.

But before that, Humminbird was the manufacturer that had made SmartCast, the most popular castable products in the market. It had a rod-/wrist- mount display. But now anglers can decide between products from SonarPhone, iBobber, FishHunter, Deeper with price in the range of $90 to $220.