Month: April 2018

Ten Rules for Hunting Camp

Ten Rules for Hunting Camp

Yes, I know that you usually just want to enjoy a deer hunting trip without worrying about the office politics, bureaucratic, regulatory that often comes with trips on the deer lease. But do not think that you can have the deer lease running without some rules, responsibilities, and expectations unless you want to run into serious problems. You can just have a small area of land and enforce nothing in it, even your best friend could be lead into fights over details of having the deer lease.

To prevent some future headaches, you should just set up some answers beforehand. Some choices are just yes-no answers, pretty easy I must say. May you smoke in the camp? Must you lock the gate behind you? There are hundreds of others questions involving varying approaches and personality conflicts in hunting. These are 10 most common questions that need to be answered before the season comes to ensure that you camp will run smoothly.