Month: February 2018

Castable Fish Finders: ibobber vs. Deeper

Deeper and iBobber are the leading manufacturers of castable fish finders. They are essentially mini sonar units that will provide you the ability to locate large elusive fish. They are very easy to use, just attach them to the rod, throw it into the water then check the information on your tablets or smartphone.  So which is better, iBobber vs Deeper? This article will give you an overview of advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

Fishing is a relaxing activity that you can enjoy the serenity and breeze of the surroundings while being outdoors and waiting to catch something. But when you do not catch any fish, it will get discouraging. That is why inventors have made fish finders to help anglers, but portable castable fish finders still are rarely used in this market with limited products.